The Xenon ball
The Xenon ball
The Xenon ball
The Xenon ball

The Xenon ball

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New softer feel for 2021-2022 season!

There is a reason that this ball has become the new standard by which all other balls are judged by. It is bright yellow to see better and holds its color AND flocking better than any other ball on the market. Balls are expensive, they should last!

The longevity of this ball is truly amazing. Try it for yourself!

The official ball of the professional platform tennis tour, Pro Flight Paddle. There is a reason the best players in paddle are using this ball.

Try it once and you won’t go back to the other guys.

Comes in a 2 pack.

Buy them by the sleeve (2 balls), 12 sleeve pack (24 balls) or case (72 balls)

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