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Xenon paddle

By a paddle player, for paddle players

Noah Seidenberg, founder Xenon Paddle

Why another paddle company?

It's a question I get asked a lot. Why?

There are already a few main companies. Why do we need another?

There are a few reasons, but the main reason is that the "Big 2" are owned by a private equity firm and a Chinese company respectively and their motivation is the bottom line. As a player, I want to be an advocate and create products FOR OTHER PLAYERS. The best products on the market!

Secondly, paddle has been very good to me, as it has been to many of us. I've made great friends, met interesting people, got some exercise and got to travel all over the US and Canada for it.

While I don't think I'll make a lasting impression by playing on the court (I think my partner Terry Babb and I peaked at 120th nationally), I hope to contribute in this way, by giving players great products to enjoy the game with. I hope you'll agree and support us.


What makes our paddles unique?

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The Vortex Series

Four distinct models of the oversize head with different weights and balance points.

Plus one to show your American pride.

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The Prime

The standard sized head. 

When it's this good, you only need one.

Light and manueverable.

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Balls, Bags and Apparel

The longest lasting balls

The Ultimate Paddle Bag

and Xenon wear

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