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Our newest innovation!

The Spin Max paddles

Scientifically designed with the help of an aerospace engineer, these patent-pending designed paddles help create the spin you want with consistency on contact

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All paddles for the 2023/2024 season are the exact same construction, weights, etc as last season, except we have changed the Vortex series to the Vector series and updated the graphics

Platform Tennis Paddles

A straight forward lineup. ALL paddles feature:

A longer handle and medium density cores along with holes all arranged in a symmetrical pattern on a carbon fiber frame specifically designed by an engineer to reduce arm and elbow pain.

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best platform tennis ball - xenon paddle

The Xenon Ball

The longest lasting ball in paddle

The ball people are talking about, with unmatched brightness and durability along with a perfect feel

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The Xenon Paddle bagThe Xenon Duffel BagThe Xenon BackpackXenon Paddle caseHeavier weight mesh ball cap

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Bags, paddle cases, and awesome paddle tennis clothes

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