Vortex Pro - Demo limit 1
Vortex Pro - Demo limit 1
Vortex Pro - Demo limit 1
Vortex Pro - Demo limit 1

Vortex Pro - Demo limit 1

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The Vortex Pro, like the Vortex+,  also weighs in at 370g. Unlike the Vortex+ though, this model has an even balance in the head. This will make it feel slightly heavier, but also provide additional power by having a heavier swing weight.

The Vortex Pro falls into the higher end of "average" weight paddles on the market, unlike head heavy paddles that FEEL heavy though, this paddle feels just right and will be ideal for strong players who like the heavier weight and power that it provides while maintaining all the other characteristics that Xenon paddles are known for.

Like all Xenon paddles, the standard features are:

  • 18" length
  • 4 1/4" grip size
  • 6 1/2" grip length
  • Medium core
  • Anti-vibration construction to reduce arm/elbow pain

Used by top pros, Stephen Mitchell, Mikk Irdoja, Sven Burus & Marc Powers

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